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Video-report 32nd Mostra Igualada

Launch the 32nd edition of Mostra Igualada this year has been very meaningful for us. La Mostra was, again, a meeting place for all the agents operating in the performing arts sector for all audiences. Under the slogan “Look or see?” and playing with pareidolia, we invited children, youngsters, families and professionals to perceive the world around us from another angle. La Mostra represents an excellent opportunity to exemplify how the performing arts, art and culture open the gaze through imagination. In this edition, where Catalan companies will have special attention, we will see a total of 47 shows (9 premieres) with more than 100 gigs. These performances spoke about gender diversity, mourning, social criticism, young people’s uncertainty, the death of the beloved ones or the questioning of the romantic love. Thank you for have enjoyed the 32nd edition of Mostra Igualada!