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La Llotja

La Llotja

The professional marketplace of Mostra Igualada is a meeting place for exchanging information and establishing contacts between professionals in the performing arts sector for all kinds of audiences. Located in Museum de la Pell d’Igualada, La Llotja Professional has an area of stands with exhibitors, a space for presentations, a ticket office, the accreditation area, a catering space only for professionals and a bar service.

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What we do

Mostra Igualada – Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival is the leading performing arts market for all audiences in Catalonia. It is a major showcase for the best productions, attracting around 30.000 spectators and 700 professionals. Its purpose is to strengthen children’s theatre programmes around the country and beyond

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Here you will find all the detailed information to attend Mostra Igualada. A map with all the services and venues, the location of the box offices, and the information point, how to arrive to Igualada, where to eat and where to sleep.