The fauna of the forests has regained its space. Will we be able to live with it?

Max, a biologist, invites spectators to learn how they work at the Camp through the Animalia conference. He and the team of caregivers and animals are happy to do outreach work. The problem is that they never remember the agreed date for the conference. Spectators arrive expectantly and what was supposed to be a conference ends up becoming an animal showcase.

A show that blurs the line between who the animal is and who the human is.



  • Creative idea: Aina Gomis and Josep Sucarrats
  • Direction: Aina Gomis
  • Artistic direction, space and manipulation advisor: Clara Algaba
  • Performers: Marçal Bayona, Iona Balcells and Josep Sucarrats
  • Puppet design and construction: Josep Sucarrats
  • Scenography and space: Josep Sucarrats
  • Sound space: Aina Gomis
  • Photo: PhotoMaiden
  • Video: Alba Vázquez
  • Production and managing: Sàndal Produccions

About the company

Sàndal Produccions was founded in 2017 to dedicate to the creation and production of performing arts. His proposals, aimed at all curious audiences, work in parallel the space and the scenography with the narrative line. They understand culture as a tool for communication, education and entertainment.


His works include 'Pegasus, the winged horse' (theater, 2016-2018), 'The Enigma Dinner' (since 2017), 'Euphoria' (geodesic dome dance show since 2019) or 'Emotion' (dance show for Poble Espanyol, 2020).