A dystopian tale to remember the magic of the books.

112 years ago a virus killed half of the human race. All the books, then disappeared. All of them? No. Hidden in a bunker a library and Claudius, the creator of all the books of the world. Mateo'll have to go on a mission so the world could preserve the books: look for the lost tale. Which lie was the excuse to make them disappear?


  • Guió: Julie Vachon (amb el suport de Francisco de Paula)
  • Direcció: Julie Vachon, Francisco de Paula i Concha Medina
  • Intèrprets: Julie Vachon i Francisco de Paula
  • Veu en off: José Manuel Arias
  • Música original: Sileno Sonoro
  • Disseny de l'espai sonor i de llums: Francisco de Paula 
  • Escenografia: Francisco de Paula
  • Producció: Francisco de Paula
  • Disseny dels llibres desplegables, titelles i policromia: Iván Sierra
  • Producció dels llibres desplegables, titelles i policromia: Francisco de Paula
  • Màscares: Julie Vachon
  • Vestuari: Claroscuro Teatro

About the company

Founded in 2010, Claroscuro uses puppets, masks and music to create stories with the aim of facing life. Previously they've produced Jo soc la Locura - one of the best 2015's operas of the world, according to YAM awards- Lazarillo and Perdida en el Bosco.