An experience that invites us to look into ourselves and into others in a new way.

The Divan is an interactive installation performance with 12 areas in which we are invited to look into ourselves and into others in a new way.

It is a magic place, reminiscent of a surrealistic hairdressing salon, where time has stopped. A place where the public is able to contact with their own ideas and ideals of beauty, and to question the imposition of certain aesthetic rules, which are often presented as absolute, untouchable truths.

*El Divan de la Perruquera is an installation. It takes around 45 minutes to go across it. It is recommended to access into the installation at 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15, 16:00, 16:45, 17:30, 18:15.


  • Intèrprets: Fafá Franco, Laura Giberga i Xavi Mateo
  • Creacció: Fafá Franco
  • Direcció: Maria Stoyanova
  • Col·laboració: Ada Vilaró
  • Música: Nick Prescott
  • Vestuari: Valeria Civil
  • Producció tècnica i regidoria: Georgina Majench
  • Fotografia: Xavi Mateo
  • Vídeo: El Gat Visual
  • Disseny gràfic: YoMismaDesign
  • Disseny web: Daniel Rojas i Yael Olave
  • Agraïments: Lupe Garcia, Maria Fernanda del Pino, Mercedes Barragán, David Berga

About the company

Formed in 2001, with the aim of exploring the possibilities of hairdressing and music conceived as performing art, and inspiring new experiences and new aesthetic looks for people of all ages and cultures. It has participated in numerous important festivals throughout Spain, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Arab Emirates, Canada, Russia, Israel, Australia and Asia.