A theatrical and poetic thriller about armament trade

Cat is a journalist who asks too many questions. Fernando is the owner of an armament company without too many scruples. An interview will change their lives.

A theatrical thriller that exposes the contradictions of the legal trade of armament and makes us think about this market and the agents that drive it (banks, the state, etc.).



  • Address: Isis Martin and Aleix Fauró
  • Text and dramaturgy: Aleix Fauró and Isis Martin
  • Performers: Maria Garrido and Carles Gilabert
  • Graphic Design: Oscar Llobet
  • Executive production: Marina Fita
  • Distribution: Julia Ribera
  • Production: La Virgueria

About the company

Since the premiere of 'Si avui és diumenge demà és dijous' ('If Today is Sunday Tomorrow is Thursday') at Sala Trono in Tarragona in autumn 2009, La Virgueria has not stopped growing. With 12 years of history and 10 shows behind their back, the company continues to bet on a theater committed not only to society, but also to language, culture, poetry, beauty, risk and provocation.