A story about the hidden strengths inside each child.

Bea, Tea, Sea, Lea does not like to stay still and seated the whole day. She cannot keep up with this world if she is inactive. Neither doctors nor massage therapists could help her… but music will offer her the freedom to express herself with body movement and find, finally, her own rythm.


  • Actrius: Xènia Fuertes i Mireia Sobrevela
  • Creació: MoskitasMuertas
  • Composició musical: Xènia Fuertes
  • Moviment: Mireia Sobrevela
  • Escenografia: MoskitasMuertas
  • Disseny de Il·luminació: Juanro Campos
  • Producció musical: Diego Leon Arias
  • Fotografia: Juan González
  • Direcció: Maria Cardenas
  • Producció: MoskitasMuertas

About the company

Xènia Fuertes (musician and actress) and Mireia Sobrevela (actress and dancer) met on 2017 in Formentera motivated to express themselves without limit through the word, live music and movement. Their first creation was Entre las piernas toured around Balearic Islands and Iberian Peninsula. Ella balla settles the creative and professional basis.