A show that connects with humor the traditional history with the obsessions of today.

“Once upon a time there was a lovely couple who liked singing, he sang, she sang…” One day, this couple decided to enter to the world of maternity and paternity, and they did it with joy and enthusiasm. However, an unexpected fact immediately filled them with suffering: the child would be born very, very small.


  • Autor i director: Víctor Borràs 
  • Actors i actrius: Maria Berenguer/Elisabet Vallès, Francesc Mas, Montse Pelfort
  • Il·luminació: Paula Crespo 
  • Escenografia: Plancton Escena - Joan Pena 
  • Vestuari: Maria Hervàs i Joan Pena
  • Música: Pep López 
  • Coreografia: Montse Colomé i Jordi Vidal 
  • Producció: Maria Hervàs 
  • Ajudant de producció: Montse Valentí 
  • Comunicació: Gerard Palomas

About the company

It’s a collective of performing arts professionals who create and tour performing their own work. In 20 years of history they have created 19 shows and they have made more than 2.000 perfomances. They see the theatre as a community art, in which the sum of individual talents make each new project grow. They are from Sant Martí de Tous, a little town in the Anoia region, from where they export their shows everywhere.