A live tv show directed by Dolly the cloned sheep and Laika, the spatial dog.

With the format of a live television show, the show highlights the widespread paranoia and panic which our species has acquired as a result of various epidemics and other catastrophes. A satire about our society that shows the structures of power and politics of fear and control directed by a cloned sheep, also starring a Siberian reindeer, a dead chicken and a very “spatial” correspondent who lead us through different stories, in the form of reports or interviews.


  • Creació: Hermanas Picohueso
  • Direcció artística: Diego Ingold i Lluki Portas
  • Direcció de producció: Gal·la Peire
  • Tècnic: Marc Homar
  • Intèrprets: Lluki Portas, Diego Ingold, Marc Homar i Gal·la Peire
  • Fotografies: Jordi Buxó
  • Música original: Clara Ingold i Mon Joan Tiquat
  • Veu en off: Josep Orfila
  • Assessoria de direcció: Pau Masaló
  • Assessoria de vestuari: Pau Aulí

About the company

Hermanas Picohueso are Lluki, Diego, Gala and all the people who always help them. They are spread throughout the Mediterranean. They work together because they understand each other and like to share their points of view. They add people to their creation processes because they believe that the world is full of brilliant minds.