For all (human?) beings, without text, but with exhilarant live music and animalistic sounds…

Without text and trough physical theatre and live music, Full House tells the story of 3 neighbours. Koala is in love with the world; Dog loves classical music and  Horse is pure energy. Their daily busy life makes them not think of others. Until Tiger arrives in the neighbourhood. His attitude will make conflicts explode, but at the same time will be the chance for all of them to meet and lost their prejudices. 


  • Intèrprets: Alina Stockinger, Sergi Estebanell, Jordi Solé, Daniela Poch, Ana Redi, David Franch
  • Banda sonora i so en directe: Siruan Darbandi
  • Vestuari: Resanita & Eléctrico 28
  • Escenografia i accessoris: Resanita & Dageko.Gmbh
  • Construcció de màscares: Ivana Kovalcik
  • Idea original: Dahir (Georg i Dagmar Kotzmuth) i Ana Redi-Milatovic
  • Disseny web: Katrina Günther
  • Fotografia: Nikola Milatovic

About the company

Collective of artists with various backgrounds, such as clown, physical theatre, dance and street arts. Since Entre Tasses, and as they did in Moments estel·lars de la humanitat, both share the passion to rethink public space as a stage where to create images, surprises and dramaturgy. They like the idea of theatre as a medium to activate the eager to play, imagine and think. . We also individually carry the knowledge from studies of literature, linguistics, cultural studies, medicine, pedagogy and human resources on our backs. Since the beginnings of Espresso Encounters, our first project together, we have especially shared the passion of thinking the public space as a stage and finding a language, dramaturgies, as well as surprises and images for and in it. We like the idea that our projects trigger the desire to play, imagine and think because, to us, these qualities are basic human needs.