Music, poetry, image and contemporary dance in a fascinating geometric show.

A circle, a square and a triangle are the three basic figures of the variable geometry that the dance movement transforms into dynamic and fleeting images, amplified with 3D video projections and public interaction. A visual experience to enjoy a fundamental principle present everywhere: original music and choreography, which evolve to the organic essence of the form.

Jordi Sora -Recomana- / LaSala. Sabadell   

*Opening performance Geometria is free but seating is limited. It's indispensable to have the ticket, available at the ticket office (maximum 4 tickets per person).


  • Direcció artística: Marta Almirall
  • Ajudant de direcció: Anna Planas
  • Textos: Montserrat Ginesta
  • Coreografia: Anna Planas, Aina Lanas I Arias Fernández
  • Ballarins: Aina Lanas, Arias Fernández I Anna Sagrera
  • Audiovisual: Jordi Pont (Onionlab)
  • Il·luminació: Andreu Fabregas
  • Creació musical: Xavier Oró
  • Disseny vestuari: Montserrat Ginesta
  • Confecció vestuari: Patra Ariño I Gonzalo Colosia
  • Producció: Roseland Musical

About the company

Roseland Musical, created in 1987, is one of the pioneer dance companies in the creation of shows for children and young audiences. Over the years, the company has been updating its artistic language to the new generations and always guaranteeing the quality productions, aware that audience is critical, demanding and eagle-eyed.