When I was child had fear of witches, how could I image that over the years I would become one of them?

A witch tale without witches, a tale about those who are brave without the brave, a magic tale without magicians, a tale about children that are not that little and some adults neither are that old.

Free live streaming on the Mostra Igualada YouTube channel on the same day and time: Friday, May 28 at 20:00h.


  • Direction and authorship: Jokin Oregi
  • Performers: Ana Meabe / Aiora Sedano, Amets Ibarra and Maitane Sarralde
  • Music: Adrian García de los Ojos
  • Scenographic design: Ikerne Giménez
  • Costume: Rosa Solé
  • Costume arrangement: Nati Ortiz de Zárate
  • Lighting: Javi Kandela
  • Scenography: Collider Film Solutions Koop
  • Atrezzo: Javi Tirado
  • Effects: Joseba Uribarri
  • Photography: Pío Ortiz de Pinedo
  • Poster design: Ane Pikaza
  • Executive production: Pío Ortiz de Pinedo
  • Production assistant: Nagore Navarro
  • Production: Marie de Jongh

About the company

Marie de Jongh has become a benchmark within the basque and spanish theater scene for family audiences. Its delicate and moving stories have given it a unique and unmistakable mark based on the creativity of its director Jokin Oregi, who to date has written and directed all the shows.


It has received numerous awards and has become a rising value. In 2018 it won the National Award for Performing Arts for Children and Youth awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Its shows have gone through a multitude of stages. In addition to Spain, they have performed in France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Italy, the United States and China, among others.