And electronic opera made by Clara Peya and Caterina Albert.

Nela just committed a crime. She is alone in a cold police station where she has to explain what happened and why. The reconstruction of the facts is mixed with her inner world and she herself reviews the details of her story in an attempt to revive her, to tie her up, to understand her.

Infanticida is the shout of a woman who tries to find a crack of light in a bleak and oppressive environment. A brave woman who faces everything around her for her desire of freedom, to find a way to live by her own. In need of love, of pleasure. Infanticida is a shout in the shape of a song.


  • Autora: Caterina Albert (Víctor Català)
  • Composició musical: Clara Peya
  • Dramatúrgia i adaptació: Marc Rosich
  • Direcció d’escena: Marc Angelet
  • Interpretació i producció: Neus Pàmies
  • Interpretació i disseny d’espai sonor electrònic: Gerard Marsal
  • Escenografia: Laura Clos i Felipe Cifuentes
  • Disseny il·luminació: Pol Queralt
  • Disseny audiovisual: Felipe Cifuentes
  • Assessoria moviment: Maria Salarich
  • Assessoria vestuari: Marta Rafa
  • Fotografia: Albert Rué

About the company

Peya, Rosich, Angelet and Pàmies, the artistic team, meets for the first time after working together on many other projects, with the aim to generate an unique and different piece of theatrical music. A piece that emerge from one of the most emblematic texts of Catalan literature, tranformed by electronic musical language into a piece of contemporary theater, an electronic opera.