Perhaps a hug could be the smallest house...

With a suitcase, a little apple tree and the wish to return home soon,  Bettina leaves her home behind to take a break from the noise of bombs and the fear that war produces. When she gets to her ”new home” she realises that nothing is the way she expected. Norma, another girl in the same situation, is the person who will keep her company throughout this story, building between them a friendship which enables them to confront the difficulties they encounter.”


  • Direcció: Rosa Díaz (La Rous Teatro)                                                                                
  • Text original: Maialen Díaz
  • Dramatúrgia: Rosa Díaz
  • Actrius: Laura Villanueva i Eva Azpilikueta
  • Tècnic en gira: Livory Barbez
  • Disseny escenografia: David Laínez i Raúl Arraiza Moratal
  • Realització escenografia: Raul Arraiza Moratal
  • Vestuari: Aihora Ganuza Garcia. Hari & Ari
  • Disseny il·luminació: David Lainez
  • Música original: Asier Fernandez Alvaro
  • Edició d'àudio: Jorge Cordón
  • Veus doblatge: Laura Villanueva i Eva Azpilikueta (euskera), Paloma Blanco i Maialen Díaz (anglès)
  • Assessorament màgic: Pedro III
  • Edició vídeo: Iki Movies
  • Fotografia: Laura Blazquez
  • Disseny gràfic i web: Muxu Estudio
  • Vídeo promocional: Ikimovies
  • Producció: David Laínez 
  • Distribució: Quiero Teatro/Belen Alvarez

About the company

Yarleku was born is 2003 by 4 young actors and technicians. From that moment, Yarleku has produced more than 9 shows. Last few years, David Láinez Aguirre has been in charge of the company's direction, and has been focused on the creation of social-educative performances, mixing the plastic perspective of theatre and the transmission of values.