Love is like an electronic music party.
An inmersive experience, a game of masks with projections and a DJ.

Love is like an electronic music party. When you feel it for the first time, it’s the primary pulse that strikes you first. The beat, the four to the floor, he base upon which everything else will be constructed. It’s an instant recognition, a connection. And, from then on, a leap into the void, everything beats at the same rhythm. Dum, dum, dum... until you plunge.

A party, electronic music and yourself.


  • Creació: Mambo Project
  • Direcció: Nina Solà
  • Dramatúrgia: Ferran Echegaray
  • Interpretació: Jordi Font
  • Música i Dj: Marc Naya
  • Audiovisual i Vj: Júlia Girós
  • Il·luminació: Mario Andrés
  • Escenografia: Carlos Gallardo
  • Producció: Irene Hernández
  • Vestuari: Helena Torres
  • Assessora de moviment: Eulàlia Bergadà
  • Disseny logo: Pol Solà

About the company

Mambo Project is an artistic collective that comes from cinema and audiovisuals but finds in theater and live arts a source of experimentation and complementation of its projects. With the aim of creating multidisciplinary pieces, Mambo Project focuses on the exploration of new formats with theater as the backbone.