A fun and tender show about gender identity

Ada wants to play, so she meets with her two best friends, girl and boy... and they play. Now she no longer carries that heavy backpack, which weighed so much on him, that he did not let it be who he is. With that backpack, Ada felt she didn’t fit in with what we assumed to be a boy or a girl. But now she has found his place.

A show that tells us about gender identity, because that of "boy-girl, man-woman, blue-pink, strong-weak, ..." may have to change definitely.



  • Text: Jordi Palet
  • Direction: Joan M. Segura Bernadas
  • Set design and dressing: Victor Peralta
  • Lighting: Yuri Flat
  • Music: La Tresca i la Verdesca (Jordi López, Toni López and Claudi LLobet)
  • Performers: Xavi Idàñez and Txell Botey
  • Production: Teatre al detall
  • Illustrations: Adolfo Serra
  • Animation and digital processing of illustrations: Xavi Chamarro

About the company

Teatre al detall is founded in 2005 by the actors Txell Botey and Xavi Idàñez. In 2014 and 2017 it receive the Critics Award for Best Show for Family Audiences; in 2018 achieved a triplet with Enderrock Award, Butaca Award and Audience Award for Best Show Mostra Igualada; and in 2020 was nominated for the Max Awards for 'The Sparrow Girl'.


Poetic theater and exciting stories with imaginative and carefully staged performances.