Traditions without any apparent sense, that explains who we are. An opportunity to twist everything

We're back to our origins to rebuild a common memory. Customs and traditions without any apparent sense, that explains who we are.

Six bodies in movement, six worlds.

In this show, hand-to-hand discipline together with singing creat the opportunity to twist everything and to know our peculiarities closely.


  • Performers: Candela Casas, Elisa Strabioli, Greta Marí, Mar-i-Cel Borràs, Michela Fiorani and Shakti Olaizola
  • Director: Francesca Lissia
  • Comical direction: Jimena Cavalletti
  • Technical skills training: Fernando Melki
  • Custom clothing design: Fil-i-Berta
  • Set design: Betty Cau
  • Light design: Natàlia Ramos
  • Photography: Clara Pedrol
  • Graphic design and video: El Gato Productions and Aurora Caja
  • Production: Anna Castillo (Kolektivo Konika)
  • Support and co-production: Shakti Olaizola and Companyia de Circ “eia”

Financed by: Basque Government

With the collaboration of: Travesía Pyrénées de Cirque, La Centra del Circ, L’Estruch Fabrica de creació, Territorio Circo Madrid, La Grainerie, Cronopis Espai de Circ, Karola Zirko Espazio, Tub d’Assaig and Roca Umbert Fàbrica de Arts

'La punta de mi nariz' from the circus company Kolektivo Konika has the support of the cross-border cooperation project "Travesía - Pyrénées de cirque", cofinanced by FEDER and with the collaboration of La Grainerie and Roca Umbert Fábrica de les Arts.

About the company

Kolektivo Konika is born from the need to create a collective experience, develop and investigate hand-to-hand, a discipline that requires time, constancy, commitment and a lot of training.


After various encounters and conventions, the artists Mar-i-cel Borràs, Candela Casas, Elisa Strabioli, Greta Marí, Shakti Olaizola and Michela Fiorani decide to join forces with the clear objective of creating a show with partner acrobatics. They all like the idea of ​​using types of bodies that are not usually too visible, always running away from what is common.


A young and ambitious company that, despite the territorial and logistical complexities, intends to create a show that will tour as many festivals as possible and gain a foothold in the national and international circus markets.


'La Punta de mi nariz', directed by Francesca Lissia (Companyia de Circ "eia" ), is their first show.