A look at the landscape through kinetic structures, plastic work and acrobatics.

What can you see? A fantastic metamorphosis of nature, via pullies and counterweights, which humans try to tame? A high-flying tribute to perpetual motion? Inspired by Tinguely’s mobile sculptures, Cie La Migration confronts the cycles of a strange machine with the fluid movement of tight-rope artists, making the landscape and its hazards their partners. They create a moment where the spectacular gives way to sensitive perception and where virtuoso acrobatics meet the path of a passing bird, an unexpected breath of air or a spectator’s dream.


  • Artistes de circ: Quentin Claude i Gaël Manipoud
  • Músic: Jean-Christophe Feldhandler
  • Directora d’escena: Marion Even

About the company

"To be" outside is to ask the question of how to "be" in the world. The Company seeks to go beyond the Western subject-object relationship: to no longer simply be the observer or the builder of this landscape but to be part of it, nourish it as much as it nourishes us, be in coexistence, in dialogue with it . "To be" outside is also to re-question the places where the circus is performed, to bring it to a border with the idea of pushing it into these entrenchments and into new explorations.