To let up serving masters to be the fucking master

Lázaro shares his story and his beer with the audience. He tells them how he has been going from serving one master and tother. But the masters of the 21st century are not the same as those of the 16th century. This savvy boy is joined by his friend Marco, who makes music, to tells us his sorrows at least with a bit flow.

A free adaptation of the Spanish classic 'El Lazarillo de Tormes', the same universal story that everybody knows, or almost.


  • Direction, dramaturgy and interpretation: Roberto Hoyo
  • Music producer and musician on stage: Marco Ferreira
  • Poster and audiovisual: Sofía Zaragoza

About the company

Founded by Roberto Hoyo and Sofía Zaragoza at the end of 2019 in Aldaia (Valencia, Spain). Heavily influenced by the youngest cultural movements of today, its first show has been awarded by the SGAE Foundation at the Russafa Escénica Festival.