A scenic, poetic and parateatrical work with a great load of visual poetry.

“I went with the ship in search of the treasure, but I could not take it because the treasure was the island”.

Are you going to travel?



  • Creation and direction: David Ymbernon
  • With: Xavi Lloses and David Ymbernon
  • Live music: Xavi Lloses
  • Lighting design: Elizabeth Augé
  • Stage assistant: Berta Garriga and Agustín Serrano
  • Distribution and tours: Imaginart
  • Producers: LaSala, El Més petit and David Ymbernón

About the company

David Ymbernon is a multi-talented artist possessed by the orange colour. His whole world, his life, his work, revolve around this colour, and his work is a continuous line that starts from the begining, from his childhood.