A poetic, creative and visual journey through the fascinating world of surrealist painter M. Mallo.

Roberto G. Alonso brings you a journey that is both poetic and playful as we enter the fascinating world of the painter Maruja Mallo, part of the Generation del 27, an influential group of poets and artists of the 1920's. The variety of her work, full of surrealist symbols and false perspectives, is the ideal vehicle to connect with the imagination of girls and boys. What better than to transform these diverse images into the language of movement, creating a surprising and visual performance that will stimulate the creativity of children.


  • Autoria i direcció: Roberto G. Alonso
  • Interpretació: Borja Fernández, Laura Marsal, Marta Serret i Laia Vancells
  • Direcció coreogràfica: Roberto G. Alonso
  • Autoria i direcció musical: Jordi Cornudella
  • Escenografia: Roberto G. Alonso i Tony Murchland
  • Vestuari: Roberto G. Alonso i Víctor Peralta
  • Disseny d’il·luminació: Tony Murchland
  • Ajudant de coreografia: Cristina Martí
  • Disseny gràfic: Marta Viladrich
  • Il·lustració: Laura Marsal
  • Estudi de gravació i edició musical: Jump Sound Studio
  • Músics: Jordi Cornudella, Pere Cornudella, Guillermo Prats, Maria Roca i Àlex Ramírez
  • Producció: Cia. Roberto G. Alonso i Dansa Quinzena Metropolitana
  • Residència tècnica: Teatre Plaza de Castelldefels
  • Fotografia: Jordi Renart 
  • Col·laboració: Ajuntament de Castelldefels i Sant Andreu Teatre (SAT!)
  • Amb el suport: Generalitat de Catalunya i Ajuntament de Barcelona

About the company

With 25 years of experience, Roberto is a reference for dance in Catalonia and Spain. He is noted for his particular choreographic language, his attention to detail and for his bizarre and imaginative visual creations. The diversity of his work has led him to create shows for both adult and children's audiences. In both arenas he has achieved wide prestige and international recognition.