An atypical musical to claim the normality of the abnormality.

Monster is an acid, funny and tender comedy about the need to accept ourselves as we are, without trying to add established canons or please the people around us. We are strange animals, with our obsessions and our faults, we don't fit in with advertising canons, but that means we are alive. Understanding this simple truth can take away our fear and make us immensely happier.


  • Text: David Greig
  • Direcció: Roberto Romei
  • Intèrprets: Blanca García Lladó, Clara Manyós i Berta Pipó
  • Ajudant de direcció: Andrea Bel
  • Traducció: Helena Tornero
  • Espai, vestuari i il·luminació: Roger Orra
  • Composició musical: The Mamzelles
  • Espai sonor: Javi Bañasco
  • Fotografia: Helena Pielies
  • Alumne en pràctiques: Sergi Barrera
  • Producció: Tantarantana i Arsènic Creació

About the company

Tantarantana Theatre is a creation and exhibition center with 27 years of experience and since 2017 recognised as a creative space, which is characterised by its programme of artistic support for theatre companies. Arsènic - at Fabrica de les Arts Roca Umbert in Granollers- is a training and creative centre focused on performing arts as an educational and cultural tool.