The story Jules Verne would tell today.

Captain Nemo lives aboard the Nautilus, a secret submarine that travels the oceans around the world. But for some time now, the captain observes that coral banks have become mountains of garbage, fish in plastic bags, and posidonia meadows in aquatic landfills. Marine life is in danger and to avoid it, he recruits Professor Aronax.

"Nautilus" is a version of the classic adventure novel with a current reading. The story Jules Verne would tell today.


  • Intèrprets: Juli Cantó, Carlos Amador
  • Autoria: Diego Guill, Xavo Giménez
  • Direcció: Xavo Giménez,  Toni Agustí
  • Vestuari: Carmen Arce
  • Composició musical: Damián Sánchez
  • Il·luminació: Marc Gonzalo
  • Fotos: María Cárdenas
  • Producció: La Negra
  • Assessorament manipulació d'objetes: Merce Tienda, David Durán
  • Realització escenografia: Los Reyes Del Mambo
  • Atrezzo: Laura Couto
  • Fotos: María Cárdenas
  • Distribució: a+ soluciones culturales 

About the company

La Negra was born with the aim of creating shows for children that talk about the different, the lonely or the rejected, through a poetic and visual language. In short, a theater of light and colors on black sheep and cats.