A delicate show to immerse ourselves fully in the inexhaustible world of the memory of objects

It is said we do not need to impose a story upon the objects, we need to let them tell us on their own. Objects have wider remembrance than humans. They are witness emotions, situations and acts from people who touched them one day, or many more, and are filling them with memories.


  • Original idea, scenography and direction: Giselle Stanzione and Amok Cor
  • Performers: Elena Lalucat and Amok Cor
  • Light technician: Marieta Rojo
  • Graphic design: Telmo Parreira
  • Audiovisual production: Mark Costa
  • Photography: Jesus Atienza

About the company

'Normalmente o Viceversa' is the first show of Tercio Incluso. It officially premieres at Fira de Titelles in Lleida in 2019 and wins the Drac D'Or for the Best Child-Youth show. Since then it has toured several european festivals.


Company is currently working on its next show: 'Horologium'.