A Moby Dick for children, to learn about the story of the great white whale.

Tim really likes to see the sea. Therefore, whenever he can, he visits his grandmother in her fishing village. There he will meet Kalin, a girl of his age, who will explain the story of Moby Dick. Playing and letting the imagination fly, Tim and Kalin will relive the adventures of the great white whale to free herselve from Captain Ahab's harpoons and continue swimming free in the 7 seas.


  • Autor adaptació lliure de la novel·la: Joan-Andreu Vallvé
  • Director: Joan-Andreu Vallve
  • Disseny dels titelles i escenografia: Joan-Andreu Vallvé
  • Dibuixos: Joan-Andreu Vallvé
  • Animacions: Bernat Vallvé
  • Música: Bernat Vallvé
  • Construcció dels titelles i l'escenografia: Centre de Titelles, Joan-Andreu Vallvé, Xavier Badia, Òscar Ribes i Toni Crespo
  • Repartiment: Clara Olmo i Albert Garcia
  • Tècnic: Francesc Farré
  • Producció: Centre de Titelles de Lleida

About the company

The Centre de Titelles was created in 1986, by Joan-Andreu Vallvé and Julieta Agustrí, as a center dedicated to the creation, programming, documentation and dissemination of puppet art. Since its creation it has produced more than twenty shows, which have gone through national and international festivals and fairs. The Center has also created a collection of books of their shows.