A habaneras show for whole family

Ondina is both a musical tale and a theatrical concert. Between dialogues and songs, we will know the story of three sisters who lived in the mountain but really missed the sea. Their father was a sailor and died in a storm, and so their grieving mother decided to move them far away from the sea. Over time, the three sisters set out on a journey to their place of origin, following the call of the undines and rediscovering the world of habaneras and everything that surrounds them: boats, white handkerchiefs, taverns, “rom cremat”...


  • Dramaturgy: Sadurní Vergés Vilella
  • Direction: Martí Torras Mayneris
  • Performers: Tona Gafarot, Montse Ferrermoner, Marta Pérez, Xevi Pasqual and Salva Gallego
  • Costume: Carme Puigdevall Plantés
  • Set design: Martí Torras Mayneris
  • Lighting design and light technician: Marco Mattarucchi
  • Sound technician: Xevi Salvatella

About the company

Les Anxovetes were formed in Girona in summer 2013 and ever since they have performed inside and outside Catalunya, participating in the most important habanera festivals. They have also performed in other relevant venues such as the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (USA) or the Palau de la Música. They have recorded 4 albums and offer different shows apart from the typical "cantada" (habanera concert).