Píndoles is a way of thinking theatre as a continuous discovery, as a game, as a real experience.     

Why do we have to act on a stage? Who says we cannot do theatre in unusual places? Why seeing only one show when we can see three different shows in three different places? Why doing thing as we have always done?

Be ready because with Píndoles nothing will be the same again. You will not get to the theatre, sit on your seat and wait for the artists to go on stage. No. Here you will not find only one stage, but three different stages.

A 3x1 theatre pack where you will see three short and intense stories in three different spaces full of life.

*Píndoles will take place at different, indoor and outdoor, locations. La Cotonera is the starting point.


Aquest sol, hi és per a tots?

  • Dramatúrgia: Martí Costa
  • Direcció: Martí Costa i Marcel Solé
  • Interpretació: Núria Bonet, Martí Costa i Aura Foguet

L’increïble home bala

  • Dramatúrgia: Ariadna Pastor
  • Direcció: Ariadna Pastor i Adrià Aubert
  • Interpretació: David Anguera

Welcome to Berlin

  • Dramatúrgia, direcció i interpretació: Núria Deulofeu i Jaume Viñas

About the company

For 5 years Píndoles has been touring with the purpose of boosting the short theatre format with a plus: take it into unusual places turned into one-day stages. Píndoles aims to give visibility to the new Catalan dramaturgy from a gender parity prospective and to approach this theatrical format to the schools. Why? Because we understand theatre as a tool for critical reflection and social change.