PUCK revolution is coming! Play with the movies and become one more character in this “troupe”

The smallest cinema on earth is living a revolution. The cartoon characters have decided to rebel and leave the screen of the little PUCK caravan to make mischief among the audience. They haven’t enough with two dimensions. Game needs a bigger world and also imaginative hands to do it real. The whole PUCK’s "troupe" is disposing to live the animated adventures proposed by their games and, even, to draw us again on the illustration wall live that will converts us in one more character of this neverendign gang.


  • Authorship: Carles Porta and Toni Tomàs
  • Creative game direction: Toni Tomàs
  • Production: Toni Tomàs and Amaia Rodrigo
  • Artistic direction: Carles Porta
  • Game building: Joan Domingo, Diego Caicedo and Toni Tomàs
  • Technical direction: Sergio Sisques

About the company

Since its creation in 2009, PUCK has traveled nearly 65,000 km participating in both film and street arts festivals throughout Europe even in Costa Rica. In 2017, the public recognized it with Pom d’Or award at the Sense Portes Festival of Argentona.


To celebrate 10 years, the company has created this show, in addition to the PUCK MicroFest, a traveling circus of animated films.