Humor and visual theatre to, through magic, make the impossible become possible.

People say he is the only postman who distributes letters in more than 20 countries around the five continents. He has delivered important letters to the Queen of England, to the Pope, and to different Presidents of the White House. Txema distributes all that has a recipient, but today, he has realised that there is a letter without address or sender. He don’t know for whom it is. What should he do? The Postman decides to open it and discover what is inside.


  • Creació: Txema Muñoz
  • Interpretació: Txema Muñoz
  • Co-Direcció: Jaume Jové (JAM) i Mario Andres Gómez.
  • Visió externa: Mai Rojas.
  • Banda sonora original: Tomás Peire i Lucas Peire
  • Escenografia: Plancton Escena i StageLab
  • Disseny vestuari: Paulette
  • Confecció: Dress-Art
  • Disseny llums: Mario Andrés Gómez
  • Regidoria: Núria Campos i Roger Arjona
  • So: Ruben Ruiz
  • Agraïments: Jose Luis Carbajo, Anna Nieto, Conchita Sempere i Marc Roura

About the company

Txema has performed in more than 23 countries. Such as: “Les Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde of Paris in France, the Magic Castle of Hollywood and the Monday Night Magic of New York in the United States. He has also been awarded with the Gold Rings of Switzerland and the Colombe d’Or of France.