Each poem, a song. Each song, a wink to the viewer. 'Vers per on' - Poesia Pop

Núria Freixa has a book of unbound poems. Poems about characters and places from our childhood, about games that our parents played with their friends. Street games that existed before electronic devices invaded everything. This book has accidentally fallen on stage: all the scattered poems, lost verses and a singer who does not stop rhyming. We will see if the Pentinas are capable of reconstructing Núria's book and with her songs turn it into the first pop poetry concert: 'Vers per on'.


  • Musicians, actors and singers on stage: Xef Vila, Silvia Dotti, Pol Soler and Sam Atencia
  • Original music: Xef Vila, Silvia Dotti, Pol Soler and Sam Atencia
  • Poems: Núria Freixa
  • Dramaturgy and artistic direction: Martí Torras Mayneris
  • Light design: Ganecha Gil
  • Sound design: Toni Trilla
  • Video creation: Xef Vila
  • Scenography design: Martí Torras Mayneris
  • Costume: Victoria Cretenze

About the company

Since 1998 Pentina el Gat offers animations, shows and itinerant shows, in which music - either with its own repertoire or making versions with its own label - has been the engine and the medium that has led it to share its passion and bring it closer to the whole family. 22 years, 18 shows and 2,500 performances around Catalonia, Spain and Europe.