There are things that just cannot be described in words. Having a daughter. Having your mother murdered.

A place with no name. The Sea’s daughter. The Earth’s son. They recall. They return to the past. They come back to the present. Identity. Words. Experiences. They drink. They listen. They discuss. Or they don’t. Pain and loss. Absences. New inhabitants. Love for their children. Landscape. Politics. The end of violence. A mixture of memories and wishes. Are there more things keeping us together than things keeping us separated? Journey to the end of night is a mosaic of present day Basque Country, composed by voices that are yet to be heard.


  • Idea original: María San Miguel
  • Direcció: Pablo Rodríguez
  • Dramatúrgia: María San Miguel. Relat Debajo del felpudo adaptat de Eco de los disparos d’Edurne Portela
  • Intèrprets: Alfonso Mendiguchía i María San Miguel
  • Ajudant de direcció: Nahia Láiz
  • Assessoria artística i pedagògica: Domingo Ortega
  • Disseny d'il·luminació: Xiqui Rodríguez
  • Disseny d'escenografia i vestuari: Karmen Abarca
  • Música original: Jorge Arribas
  • Contingut audiovisual: Alba Muñoz
  • Direcció de producció: María San Miguel
  • Assistent d'escenografia i vestuari: Juan Carlos Mora
  • Assistència tècnica: Libe Aramburuzabala (La Cía de la Luz)
  • Amb la col·laboració de: Sintagma Films i Juan Paños
  • Ajudant de producció: Alba Muñoz
  • Distribució: Proyecto 43-2 / Fran Ávila

About the company

Project 43-2 aims to place the human component in the centre of the political sphere, giving visibility to the new complex realities and identifying the agents of transformation. They aim to present the human being beyond politics and social constructs. Their work has traveled around Spain (more than 80 cities), Portugal, Colombia and France. This year they will travel to the USA.


Viaje al fin de la noche has been finalist as the best outstanding performance at Premios Max 2019.