A sonorous ship between landscapes and emotions

VoloV is a ship in continuous movement. A boat that travels from one landscape to another. It travels by sea, air and even through the fine dessert sand. The course is not charted, It doesn’t even matter what is waiting far beyond. The music of every landscape is guiding them, the wind, the insects, the tremors, the stillness, the action. The now is now and the present is inside them. They look for other worlds, other ways.

A travel to discover for another worlds, another ways. New spaces evoked by birds, stars, mountains. New places full of sand and wáter, full of discoveries.


  • Research, authorship and direction: Col·lectiu TQM
  • Musical composition: Nacho Lopez and Tanja Haupt
  • Musical direction: Nacho Lopez
  • Performers: Matias Kruger, Asvin López, Toni Gutiérrez, Mila Martínez, Tanja Haupt and Nacho López
  • Costumes and set design: Col·lectiu TQM
  • Video: Gotz Garcia
  • Photography: Rakel Cros
  • External gaze: Jose Antonio Puchades
  • Moving advice: Miquel Barcelona and Antonia Ruiz

About the company

The collective TQM is born from the unión of companies La Fem Fatal, Circonautas, Mila Martínez and Matías Kruger, uniting their experience and their love for the profession, to present VoloV.


Four multidisciplinar circus artists and two multiinstrumentist musicians. This show is their first joint creation, but they have been collaborating, in one way or another, in other projects for a long time.